Dr. Brian W. Tempest

NGO Work

In 2007 I retired from Ranbaxy when I reached 60 and I am planning to build a portfolio of independent directorships and advisory roles. I have worked for Ranbaxy for 14 years and prior to Ranbaxy I worked with Beecham, Searle, Glaxo and Fisons.

At Ranbaxy I have been strongly committed to the company’s efforts to make available medicines for diseases of the developing world at affordable prices. I am familiar with the anti- infective, HIV and malaria therapeutic areas in the developing world context.

This work has brought me into contact with many Governments and non-Governmental Organizations.

My insight is unique in that as a foreigner I have been in a leadership position in the Indian business community while also living in a developing country.

I am keen to employ my experience in the pursuit of better access to medicines in the developing world.